Our Tactical Armed Response Team is there when you need them

Our primary objective is to be there when you need us, but further to that we believe in being constantly visible, staying active in the community, security forums and most importantly be active in preventing crime. That’s why our competent and highly trained tactical response teams are on call 24/7 days a week!

Our armed response solutions differ significantly from any other armed security solution. We prefer community involvement whereby the community informs our armed reaction/patrol cars of any signs of suspicious activities via a community WhatsApp group, and other social media platforms. Our armed response officers act immediately to this information to keep suspicious activity out of the areas.

  • Highly trained Armed Response Officers
  • We aim to respond rapidly to all emergencies and calls
  • Fleet tracked & co-ordinated from our Control Rooms

Tactical Teams

Rapidly responds when needed.

Get Tactial Response for only R299 per month!

Makopano Tactical Armed Response available from as little as R299 per month.