Makopano has a comprehensive understanding of security solutions in all sectors with the help of site surveys conducted over many years. Our service portfolio is extensive and includes, but not limited to Armed Reaction, CCTV and Offsite monitoring, Guarding, Technical Services and much more.

With a management team who has leading experience in the South African Police Force and Military backgrounds, we are able to deliver services which not only integrate our manpower with leading technologies, but also do this successfully, effectively and efficiently.

We pride ourselves with successful service agreements that have been built on trust and we continue to pursue a record of excellent relationships with our clients.


Makopano strives to be the highest quality security agency in Gauteng. We will exceed the expectations of those we partner with by:

  • Being the best service contractor to our clients have ever had.
  • Being the best company our employees have ever worked for.
  • Continually improving all aspects of our business while building our culture of excellence.


Our service is underpinned by the reputation within the security industry of JJ Venter and his team as well as our clients, many of whom are blue chip. This alone will ensure the highest level of service delivery.

The true success of operational security endeavours can only be measured by an in depth understanding of both the risk and expectations of a mutual partnership. To this end, the security of both property and personnel are of paramount importance to us.

It is our opinion that the true success of operational security endeavours must surely be borne out of the total understanding and commitment of both strategic partners.

Makopano’s primary aim is to meet and possibly exceed the client needs and expectations, by providing good quality service, adding values to its clients through an empowered team of staff, supported by profound management expertise and technical resources base.

Makopano sees itself as one of the leading providers in the industry progressive and of good financial standings with a proven track record, a list of satisfied clients and staff.

Pre-employment verification of Makopano staff to assure integrity of security personnel.

A proficiency test for all staff to be posted.

Pre-posting and ongoing, site specific training for security personnel.

Periodic verification testing conducted on security personnel deployed.

Quality Assurance

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